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Irene Palacios
Math Faculty
Email: irene.palacios@gcccd.edu
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: 619-644-7834

Online Statistics

Fall 2018


In this course, you will have TWO mandatory ON CAMPUS exams.


We will be using CANVAS and you will also need to purchase access to MyStatLab to work on assignments and projects. The browser that best supports CANVAS and MyStatLab is Chrome. Other browsers do not work well with CANVAS or MyStatLab. 


Instruction in this class will be delivered in lecture format (previously recorded by instructor).  However, some concepts will not be covered during lecture. Instead you will be responsible for learning them on your own through the use of MyStatLab  (ebook, tutorials, publisher videos) or other outside sources.  As a student you are expected to watch recorded lectures, complete DAILY homework assignments, quizzes, Statcrunch Activities and complete lecture problems after each lecture recording. In addition, you are REQUIRED to come to campus to take one midterm and one final examination.


Be aware that that this type of distance learning is not suited for everyone. Students who tend to procrastinate and complete assignments at the last minute will not do well in this course. Students who do not have the necessary equipment to access the course materials and cannot come to campus to use our computer lab are advised not to enroll.



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