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Daniella Ashburn

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History 105  Early Western Civilization

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A fast paced survey of ancient civilizations and medieval Europe, with emphasis on the heritage, ideas, attitudes, and institutions basic to Western Civilization. The objective of this course is neither to be comprehensive nor definitive but to introduce the student to key themes, events and personalities of the period and to develop their critical thinking , writing , reading and note-taking skills. This course is of interest to those planning to pursue a history major in the future as well as anyone seeking a sound historical perspective. As such this class is a historical survey tracing the political, social, economic, cultural, and intellectual events that have shaped and defined Western Civilization from ancient times to 1650. Emphasis is placed upon ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, eastern Mediterranean civilizations, pre and classical Greece, Hellenistic era, Roman civilization and empire, rise of Christianity and Islam, Byzantine Empire, medieval Europe, Renaissance and Reformation.