Welcome to our class!


Thank you for choosing to enroll in one of my Grossmont College CSIS courses.  I know you have many courses to choose from and I feel honored that you picked one that I instruct.


Here's a link to a brief movie saying hello to you.

We will be together for many weeks this semester and I like to learn about my students.  I’ll tell you a bit about myself and ask you to do the same for me. 


I love teaching at Grossmont College.  I primarily love this job because of all the interesting people like yourself that I get to interact with.  It’s really pretty neat working with people who want to learn and improve their lives. And every one of you has unique gifts and skills to offer.


As you’ll learn during the semester, I’ve got two great kids, two boys, one fifteen and one thirteen.  This is lots of fun for me, because guess what… they like to do many of the same things I do!  I also learn a great deal about the learning process and what works and what doesn’t work through these little guys.


A few activities that I love (and have photos on my web page) are:


  1. surfing.  Many mornings I head down to either Mission Beach, Sunset Cliffs or possibly La Jolla reefs or shores.  What a great way to start a day!

  2. fishing.  I have fished all over the world and have caught many types of fish.  I love going to Mexico and our local shores for ocean fishing or up to the mountains for the clear trout streams.  Ahhhh…. there’s just something about being out on the water that I love. My boys' Fishing Web Site is here.

  3. playing music with my band, “Mango Bay”.  For the last many years our band has played all over San Diego.  We play beach music, such as surf tunes, reggae, blues, rock, and more.  You may see us at Padre games, block parties, Rock ‘n Roll Marathons, opening for larger “name acts” at beach area cantinas and a whole variety of gigs.

  4. traveling to and meeting people from all over the world. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places.  I’ve been to each continent at least five times, except Australia only twice.  I used to work in Africa for three years and study in England for a year.  It just became a hobby and part of my life for many years to take off to Brazil, the Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, all over Asia, Africa, Europe many times, and almost all 50 of our states.  I have lived for one year in England and three years in Africa.  Now with the kids I’m focusing on our continent for a while. Last semester we took a 5-month journey around the continent and spent two months in Mexico, two in the USA and one month in Canada.  Currently I'm happy  just traveling around the United States, Canada and especially Mexico.  There’s so much to see in our own backyard!  San Diego is a pretty special place.
  5. playing and watching my boys play sports.  One plays soccer and basketball and the other plays football and volleyball. Weekends are full of games now.

So, if we share a common interest let me know.  Now you know a bit about me… let me know who you are.  Please don’t be shy.  Come by, introduce yourself, and once again, welcome to class!