Cary Willard, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry


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Phone: 619-644-7427
Office: Bldg. 30, Room 224





CHEM 115  Fundamentals of Chemistry

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Chemistry 115

Course Notes:

Chemistry 115 covers the elementary principles of inorganic and general chemistry with an overview of organic and biochemistry. Basic chemical terminology, problem solving techniques and chemical explanations of our environment will be studied. Chemical concepts will be explained through common applications such as health science and forensic science. Previous chemistry background is helpful, but not required. This course is recommended for students needing a one semester general chemistry laboratory course. This course does not satisfy the prerequisite for Chemistry 141. Students will not receive credit toward graduation for more than one of the following courses: Chemistry 113, Chemistry 115, and Chemistry 120.


CHEM 141  General Chemistry I

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Chemistry 141

Course Notes:

Chemistry 141 is the first semester of the one-year general chemistry course (141-142). It is assumed that you have had a previous course in chemistry and can do problems in stoichiometry, solution concentrations, gas laws and that you can name common inorganic compounds and write their formulas. Also that you are familiar with basic laboratory equipment such as balances, burettes, pipettes, graduated cylinders, etc. Most of the first four weeks of the course will be spent reviewing basic material; material you should have covered thoroughly in a previous course.



About Cary Willard

I have been a member of the Grossmont College Chemistry Department since 1992. I love to share my enthusiasm for science and chemistry with anyone who will listen. I generally teach the introductory chemistry classes because that gives me the best opportunity to convince students that chemistry is fun. My goal is to convert as many students as possible into chemistry majors. 


I also serve as the Chemistry Department Co-chair. 

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