Lab Manual in PDF (version 6.0, spring 2013)


Lab Experiments


Experiment 1


Measuring Density with Different Types of Glassware


Write-up Instructions




Experiment 4

Conductivity and Net Ionic Equations


Write-up Instructions

Experiment 7

Copper Reactions


Write-up Instructions

Experiment 5

Writing Redox Reactions

Experiment 6

Redox Reactions - The Activity Series


Write-up Instructions


Experiment 8


Analysis of a Two-Component Alloy


Write-up Instructions




Experiment 9

Calorimetry - Measuring Heat of Formation


Write-up Instructions



Experiment 10

Atomic Spectra

Write-up Instructions

Experiment 11

Periodicity of Chemical Properties


Data on elements

Experiment 12

Molecular Structure

Experiment 15

Determining the Effectiveness of an Antacid


Write-up Instructions




Spreadsheet for multiple standards


Note that on the spreadsheet you must write none on the first page for antacids 3 and/or 4 if you did only 2 or 3 different antacids


Experiment 17

Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle


Write-up Instructions

Experiment 16

Determination of Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression


Write-up Instructions




Experiment 14

Identification of an Unknown Acid



Experiment 3

Density: A Study in Precision and Accuracy (Part B)


Experiment 2


Density: A Study in Precision and Accuracy (Part A)Experiment 13


Propagation of Error: An Error Analysis Activity





Determination of Avogadro's Number


Write-up Instructions





When downloading a spreadsheet, the browser will ask you for a username and password.  Just type in ANY username and password and click the "ok" button.  The spreadsheet will be downloaded into your browser.


Just for fun

Making Lip Balm

Making Superballs