Chemistry 115 Lectures


Introductory lecture  pdf


Chapter 1     pdf

An Introduction to Chemistry

Chapter 2        pdf

Standards of Measurement

Chapter 3     pdf

Elements and Compounds

Chapter 4      pdf 

Properties of Matter   

Chapter 5      pdf

Early Atomic Theory and Structure

Chapter 6      pdf

Inorganic and Organic Compounds: Names and Formulas

Chapter 7      pdf

Quantitative Composition of Compounds

Chapter 8       pdf

Chemical Equations

Chapter 9       pdf

Calculations from Chemical Equations

Chapter 10       pdf

Modern Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table

Chapter 11     pdf

Chemical Bonds

Chapter 12     pdf

The Gas State

Chapter 13    pdf

Properties of Liquids
Chapter 14     pdf


Chapter 15    pdf

Acids, Bases, and Salts

Chapter 18     pdf

Nuclear Chemistry

Chapter 19 and 20    pdf

Organic and Biochemistry