Brian Carter

Physics, Astronomy, Physical Science



Contact Info:

Phone: 619-644-7315
Office: 34-160 (inside 34-162)


Courses we offer:


ASTR 110 Descriptive Astronomy

ASTR 112 General Astronomy Laboratory

ASTR 120 Exploration of the Solar System

PHYC 110 Introductory Physics

PHYC 130 Fundamentals of Physics

PHYC 131 Fundamentals of Physics

PHYC 201 (formerly 140) Mechanics of Solids

PHYC 202 (formerly 240) Electricity, Magnetism, and Heat

PHYC 203 (formerly 241) Light, Optics, and Modern Physics

PSC 100 Physical Science for Elementary Education

PSC 110 Introduction fo the Physical Sciences

PSC 111 Physical Science Laboratory

PSC 120 Fundamentals of Scientific Computing (M A T L A B)



Here are some links to science websites I frequent: