Technology Mall

The Tech Mall is a multi-function building located in the Learning & Technology Resource Center, building 70.


The Tech Mall has both computer labs and Learning Centers. Click on a heading below to learn more.


Computer Labs

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BOT Flex Lab

The Flex Lab for Business Office Technology students is in the Tech Mall, room 70-131. Click here to learn more about the BOT Flex Lab.

Open Computer Lab

The Open Computer Lab is in the center of the first floor of the Tech Mall, room 70-142. Click here to learn more about the Open Computer Lab.

Assistive Technology Center

The ATC (room 70-135) offers accessibility resources and services for students with disabilities. Learn more about the ATC by clicking here.


Learning Centers

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Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is located upstairs in the Tech Mall and offers general tutoring for a variety of subjects. Learn more about the Tutoring Center by clicking here.

English Writing Center

The English Writing Center is located in room 70-119 and assists students with essays, writing skills, and more. Click here to learn more about the EWC.

Math Study Center

The Math Study Center can assist students with a wide variety of their math courses, from fundamentals to advanced calculus. Located in room 70-112, you can learn more about the MSC by clicking here.