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Technology Plan 2007-2010

Child Development & Family Studies

Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.


Child Development and Family Studies

Most of the technology needed for classroom instruction is met in the overall plan. Room 371 has recently been upgraded but still needs a document camera to replace the overhead projector. Room 375 needs an upgraded projection camera with speakers. We also would like to have a ceiling mounted projector installed in the Child Development Center community room. This room, used as a study center and student lab, also needs upgraded computers and screens. Some instructor and center computers have been upgraded in the rollovers, but some faculty would like newer monitors. All faculty CPU's need DVD players to view curriculum support materials.

Curriculum Impact
As CD and FS faculty get more comfortable with the technology they are using more creative ways of presenting classroom material. Multimedia presentations using PowerPoint, scanned images, DVD and video clips are being done by all instructors. Instructors are beginning to use course containers such as Blackboard to provide support to both face to face and online courses.
In the content of our field, technology is changing the way we observe and document children's development and learning. Both faculty and center staff are using digital cameras and color printers for still images and creating DVD's to capture sound and movement to share with parents and assess children and curriculum. This creates a need for the hardware, software, ink, paper and especially training and technical support for a wide range of users that includes faculty, classified staff and students.

Approximate Number of Students Served
Unduplicated head count for Child Development, Fall 2005 was 975 students, Family Studies had 138. Other classes use these classrooms as well. The center serves approximately 70 student families and hundreds of observers.

Support Impact
Our department needs are currently being met by the support staff. They are responsive, friendly and competent, but as overall campus needs increase, we are aware of the stretching these resources. A permanent replacement for the Instructional Design Tech Specialist would be helpful. As we do more online classes, access to the Tech Mall on the Saturday preceding classes would also be appreciated. We need ongoing training, technical assistance and support on an as needed basis

Year 1 (2007-08)

Complete upgrades of technology in rooms 375 and 371. Create "smart classroom" in CDC Community room with ceiling mounted digital projector. Upgrade computers in Community Room.

Action to Meet Objective
We are requesting upgrade of room 375 classrooms with an upgraded EIKI LC-XG210 with external amplified speakers for room 375 and 1 Samsung Document Camera, Model UF 80DX with backlight for room 371. For the CDC community room we would like newer rollover computers and ceiling mounted digital projector LC-XG300 and related equipment.

Year 2 (2008-09)

Maintain and replace current equipment as needed.

Action to Meet Objective
General upgrades as needed.

Year 3 (2009-2010)

Maintain and replace current equipment as needed.

Action to Meet Objective
General upgrades as needed.

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