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Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.




The vast majority of History instructors use computer technologies as a regular feature of their classroom and on-line instruction. For several years, the Department has been building the capacity of History classrooms and faculty offices with updated, fully-functional multi-media technologies. The goal is to equip two wireless classrooms as soon as those technologies become stable and reliable. Until then, classrooms need to be upgraded with better quality equipment and software to accommodate the multi-media presentations of the faculty and students.

Curriculum Impact

To teach history effectively, faculty use maps, photos, art history, websites, note outlines, and other audio and visual resources. So many students today are visual learners, and these aids, available through Powerpoint, links to historical websites, and video, are critical to students' grasp of the significance of historical events. They aid students' critical thinking analysis of the past, and they connect the past to the present day. All history courses are uniquely suited to the variety of modes available in educational technology. In addition, the department offers more online courses then ever, including the new addition of California History online, a course critical for teaching certification.

Approximate Number of Students Served

The Department steadily serves about 1900 students per semester; over 2200, including winter intersession, spring bonus and summer sessions . We were able to increase our enrollment when asked by the District through additional sections of online classes, additional sections of courses in most demand, and creative scheduling to accommodate more students' needs (i.e., additional second 8-week sections). We anticipate no decline.

Support Impact

The only support needed includes purchasing and installing updated equipment in the classrooms and faculty offices.

Year 1 (2007-2008)


Continue upgrade of computer systems in the classrooms and offices. Continue encouragement of faculty to develop online classes and develop better use of their websites. Investigate wireless systems for two classrooms.

Action to Meet Objective

Report poorly functioning speakers, VCRs, projectors, computers, and software. In particular: computer and LCD speakers in the classrooms have poor sound quality; faculty office computers are slow and need more memory; software for streaming video in the classroom needs updating. Investigate wireless systems with technology administrators and advisors. Department "Website Committee" continues to meet to evaluate needs and development of the Department and faculty websites. Continue departmental "Online Teaching Workshops" (begun Spring, 2007) to provide faculty support and consistency in the History Department's online offerings. Continue sending a History Department representative to the college online committee meetings.

Year 2 (2008-2009)


Continue upgrade of classroom and office technology. Because of heavy use and continuous improvements available in the market, this upgrade process is an ongoing one. Install wireless technology in two classrooms. Increase number of online offerings and productive use of faculty websites while maintaining faculty support and consistent quality in Departmental course offerings online.

Action to Meet Objective

Work with technology administrators and advisors to purchase and install wireless systems for two classrooms. Continue the History Department's "Website Committee" and "Online Teaching Workshops." Report poorly functioning equipment. Meet with campus technology advisors about installing wireless systems.

Year 3 (2009-2010)


Incorporate faculty use of wireless technology in two classrooms. Maintain faculty support for websites and online teaching.

Action to Meet Objective

Arrange training sessions for wireless technology. Continue the History Department's "Website Committee" and "Online Teaching Workshops."

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Last Updated: 09/29/2014
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