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Technology Plan 2007-2010

Exercise Science and Wellness

Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.


Exercise Science and Wellness


The ESW department is going to begin a transition period due to the move to the 300 West building this summer of 2007. The remodel of the 400A building will begin at that time and probably take a year to complete. Over the next three years ESW would like to upgrade our sound systems in 400A and 400B. The monitors in rooms 400 (Weight Room), 401(Fitness Room), 416 (Small Classroom) and 417(Large Classroom) need to be upgraded to the flat screen monitors.

Curriculum Impact

Depending on individual instructors, computers are used to communicating with students and colleagues, for grading (some use Micro grade), for access to information and other common computer uses. Since the ESW classes are activity classes, most of our facilities are not equipped with smart cart capability, so computers aren't used much during instruction. The health education and nutrition instructors use the computer extensively during their classes, either through powerpoint, real-time use of the internet, use of Blackboard, PageOut or personal websites to assist in teaching/managing of their courses, research, communication and many other computer-based functions.

Approximate Number of Students Served

The ESW department's enrollment each semester is between 3,500 and 4,000 students.

Support Impact

All computer hardware will require the standard district provided support. The use of equipment and software by instructors is supported by the CATL program and allows instructors to improve their knowledge and expand the use of equipment in a learning environment.

Year 1 (2007-2008)


This will not be a very productive year due to the transition move to 300West while the 400A building is torn down and remodeled (Summer 2007 to summer 2008). We will still purchase equipment to be used in the new facilities.

Action to Meet Objective

  1. 6 Sony 42" Wega LCD HD Flat Panel TV
  2. Upgrade sound systems for 400B
  3. Upgrade software for Fitness room (401).
  4. Upgrade Computer in Fitness room (401).
  5. Start replacing instructor computers with upgrades to match demands of software.
  6. Move Smart Carts/Digital projectors to 416 and 417

Year 2 (2008-2009)


Fall 2008 is the projected move in time to remodeled 400A.

1. To properly equip the testing lab (429) with the latest measuring devices.

  1. Develop a plan to interact with Nursing and Cardiovascular technology in our testing lab.
  2. The new Conference room (445) should be equipped with electronic devices (Ex; Samsung Digital Presenter UF-80 DX or ceiling mounted digital projector) for presentation to students, faculty and administrators.

Action to Meet Objective

1. A new Tanita Body Composition machine in new testing lab.

2. Update Automatic Blood pressure analyzer devices with new machines.

3. 3 Heart Rate Monitors & 1 Cybex Stationary Bike

4. Coordinate with Nursing/Cardiovascular techs to interdisciplinary goals for each area.

Year 3 ( 2009-2010)


To maintain up-to-date technology that meets District standards as defined by ICC. Continue individual instructor improvement utilizing appropriate technology especially as it relates to measurement and testing of students and their Student Learning Outcomes.

Action to meet objectives

1. Complete purchase of equipment for faculty offices (upgrade/new computers), Classrooms (416/417 upgrade Smart Cart/Digital projectors), Conference room (Smartcart/digital projector).

2. Weight room (400) and fitness room (401) should have some types of measurement instruments to evaluate students on site. Body composition, flexibility and strength are examples of indicators to be measured.

3. Replace outdated weight training and fitness equipment (40 years old) with equipment designed with modern engineering technology that allows the maximum physical development when used by students.

4. To continue improving faculty and staff's education involving on line learning and evaluation, use of modern electronic technology in a classroom environment and increase effective teaching methods for instruction.

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