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Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.




The department is seeking funding to support expansions in staffing, curriculum, and facilities. By the spring semester of 2008 the Dance Dept. will move into the remodeled 200 Building and by the spring or fall of 2009 the Dance Department will gain partial use of a second studio which will be shared with the Exercise Science Department. Additional technology will be needed to support both moves. The list of items that are associated with the move into renovated facilities, and for which the department is seeking funding include:

  • Two digital video cameras.
  • Office furniture and related technology (work stations, file cabinets, storage for video/music libraries as well as the existing dance library, computers).
  • Pilate's equipment will be requested to support further development and expansion of departmental curriculum.

Curriculum Impact

Due to the fact that room 409 accommodates over 90% of all department offerings, the addition of a shared facility will allow for additional curriculum as well as increased sections of high enrollment classes. Purchasing instructional technology and related equipment are vital components to maintaining the current curriculum and developing new curriculum.

Approximate Number of Students Served

The dance department serves approximately 1,100 Grossmont College students and 2,000 students, teachers, and children in surrounding communities through ongoing outreach programs per academic year. With the addition of new facilities the department anticipates continued growth.

Support Impact

Installation of equipment and instructional support furniture would require personnel support.

Year 1 (2007-2008)


Instructional support technology and equipment, which is directly associated with the scheduled move to the remodeled 200 Building are of the highest priority. Our most immediate need is for two digital video cameras for taping and evaluating student progress, audio and video technology for the dance space and the office area, office furniture, and related technology. The department is currently using a SVHS video camera that is in disrepair and is verging on obsolescence. Having two cameras would allow for simultaneous evaluations to occur in both remodeled spaces.

When the department is moved into the remodeled 200 Building there will be a need for new audio and video equipment for the remodeled studio, new office furniture, a flat screen wall-mount TV which would be located in the dance office and would be used for viewing taped midterms and finals for grading, a theatrical lighting system, and two DVD players, one for the dance office and one for the studio.

When the dance department moves out of 409, the Dance Studio and 414, the office space, all existing equipment, technology, and office furniture will be salvaged including the sound system, draperies, and the theatrical lighting system from room 409. The existing stereo equipment is outdated and no longer under warranty. In room 414, the dance office, faculty is making use of old desks and tables which were selected from the college warehouse.

Action to Meet Objective

  • Purchase two digital video cameras.
  • Purchase and install new audio and video technology in the dance studio including a complete sound system (cd/tape player, amplifier, and speakers), video monitor, and DVD/VHS.
  • Purchase new office furniture
  • Purchase a flat screen TV for office and a DVD player
  • Purchase theatrical lighting system for 200 studio
  • Purchase theater draperies for perimeter of studio

Year 2 (2008-2009)


Second year requests involve technology associated with the shared space which will come about as a result of the 400 building remodel. The department plans to use the facility for dance classes, rehearsals, and fitness related Pilates classes. Outfitting the new facility will require the purchase and installation of a complete audio/video system, which will include a complete sound system (cd/tape player, amplifier, speakers), video monitor, DVD, mini DV player. In order to continue to expand the Pilates program and ultimately create a Pilates lab, additional equipment related to this expansion will need to be purchased.

Action to Meet Objective

Purchase and install new audio and video technology in the remodeled 400 building space, including a complete sound system (cd/tape player, amplifier, and speakers), video monitor, DVD, and mini DV player. Purchase Pilates equipment to replace aging equipment as well as buy new equipment to accommodate new sections and labs.

Year 3 (2009-2010)


Currently faculty purchase cds for classroom instruction and choreography. A more cost effective alternative would be to provide faculty with the means to shop for, purchase, and download music which could then be compiled to fit their specific needs. Faculty would be provided with individual mp3 players, or ipods which would be used exclusively for classes and rehearsals. At least once a year, the department rents somewhat specialized equipment to support its concerts and performances. Purchasing two fog machines would save hundreds of dollars per year. By the year 2010, department computers will have to be purchased and/or upgraded.

Action to Meet Objective

Purchase individual ipod or mp3 players, (instructors will return players during semester breaks and/or when terminating employment.) Purchase two fog machines to be utilized during student and faculty dance concerts. Purchase upgraded computers and monitors to provide current technology for the dance department faculty and staff.

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