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American Sign Language

Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.


American Sign Language


The American Sign Language department has one full time instructor and 8 part time instructors for 18 sections of ASL classes.

The American Sign Language department is very limited on technology given the amount of sections offered. The department was able to obtain one videocamera and tripod from the generous grant donation from ASGC. They also funded 4 CDs for students to use in the library.

The department also has approximately 5 different DVDs for instructors to use with their classes.

Curriculum Impact

Technology has greatly enhanced the way students develop expressive and receptive signing ability. The industry uses DVD instruction, videotaping, and software instructional programs so students learn to adjust and refine their skill.

The ASL department has very little technology and must teach using older techniques.

Approximate Number of Students Served

As of Fall, 2006, the ASL department offered 18 sections. Approximately 360 students enrolled in the classes.

Support Impact

Fall, 2006, the curriculum committee approved the American Sign Language degree. In Spring, 2007, approval will be sought from the Chancellor's office in Sacramento.

The department is staffed by one full time faculty member and 8 part time faculty members. Technology consists of one video camera and 5 DVDs.

The development of a degree is an exciting step for ASL and the college. It is anticipated that additional full time faculty will be needed and an ASL lab with computers, cameras, software will be crucial to the development of students' signing skill.

Year 1 (2007-2008)


The following equipment has been requested:

2 video cameras with tripod

10 DVDs for instructors to use in their classrooms with students (They range from $40-60 each).

IMAC computer with built in I-Sight camera and printer ($2000).

A locked cabinet.

A scanner/printer/copier for the office of the Coordinator

An updated computer.

Action to Meet Objective

Requests have been made to access the money given to the divisions for technology.

Year 2 (2008-2009)


In this phase, computer equipment will be requested to make the College campus accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing instructors. Currently, the College has 3 TTYs.

The current practice is to have Video Relay services available to use. This is the current industry practice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to use the "phone." This requires computers and web cams in a location dedicated to this purpose.

Action to Meet Objective

Requests will be made through whatever funds come available to access technology.

Year 3 (2009-2010)


It is hoped that by Year 3, the ASL degree will be well underway with many students. The most efficient way for students to be successful is by accessing an ASL lab. Ideally, a classroom with 10 - 20 computer stations dedicated to the advancement of ASL students and their signing skills is hoped for. The stations would be equipped with web cams, instructional software. The lab would also have a booth for videotaping, DVD player with editing features for slow motion and split screen capabilities to view and feedback students.

Action to Meet Objective

This requires release time for the Coordinator to visit labs (such as SDSU, Palomar College, Mesa College), search for classroom space, research the best price on computers, web cams, DVD players/recorders with features such as slow motion, split screen access, etc.

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