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Technology Plan 2004-2007

Philosophy, Humanities and Religious Studies Department

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Philosophy, Humanities and Religious Studies

All full-time faculty must be equipped with adequate technology to carry out responsibilities related to student success. This includes 1) standard office computer technology, 2) systems for developing technology for the classroom and 3) training to utilize technology in the classroom. Department adjunct faculty must also have access to computer technology. Progress has been made toward equipping offices with basic computer needs. 590M has two systems: one of those systems has been upgraded; the second (McCune) still needs to be upgraded. 559B has acquired an adequate printer. 590J has two systems, one which has been upgraded, and a second which needs to upgraded with a zip drive. Three additional adjunct faculty have recently been assigned to 590J, making it increasingly important for the equipment to be adequate to carry out instructor responsibilities. Additional technology needs for developing materials for classroom use include two scanners, one for 559B and one for 590M; cd burners for 559B and 590J ; a slide scanner for 559B and one for 590J (this one should be compatible with the HPScanJet5300C). Further, the department needs to acquire a FAX which will be housed in 559B. A digital camera for use by all department faculty members has been acquired. Office space for department adjunct faculty has reached a crisis stage, and this, in turn, has had a severe impact on their access to technology. The acquisition of innovative software Sound Forge has taken place and is essential to department curricular needs.

Curriculum Impact
Developing department technology will have an effect on serving students at all levels. Students need to be able to communicate electronically with all department faculties. The department has been engaged in an enormous project of building a library which will include technology materials for all three of its programs. Our entire slide collection is being digitized for use by all members of the department. This is Phase I. Our music collection needs to be technologically reworked so that it will be available to all. This is Phase II of the project. Phase III will involve technological transfer of video collection for use by all faculty members.

Approximate Number of Students Served
The department currently offers about 50 sections each semester, each class having a maximum of 50 students. The department's three programs have the potential for serving 2500�3000 students per semester over the next three years. If enrollment continues to increase and the department replaces its full-time faculty positions our numbers could move beyond 3000 per semester.

Support Impact
Full-time and adjunct department faculty must have the opportunity to be trained in the use of new technology, hardware and software. Those members who have an interest in online education must be given adequate technology and training to support online instruction.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

Department faculty will be provided with necessary upgrades and new technology for utilization in instruction. Training will be available for acquiring knowledge of new hardware and software. The department library project will continue.

Action to Meet Objective
The department will purchase two scanners, one for 559B and one for 590M; two cd burners, one for 590J and one for 559B; zip drive for 590J; two slide scanners, one for 559B and one for 590J; a FAX machine; One computer in 590J will be upgraded. One computer in 590M will be upgraded.

Year 2 (2005-2006)

The development of the department library will be significantly underway, making materials available to all department members. Department faculty will be involved with desired training opportunities for acquiring knowledge of hardware and software. The department expects that at least one full-time replacement of full-time faculty will take place. This new member will be equipped with standard computer technology.

Action to Meet Objective
An inventory and evaluation of all department technology will be conducted to determine if technology needs are met. New equipment will be purchased if the current technology is inadequate. New technology will be acquired for the full-time faculty replacement.

Year 3 (2006-2007)

The department expects that three new full-time replacements members (beyond the one hired for Year 2) will be hired. New office space will have to be acquired. These new offices must be equipped with standard computer technology for the purpose of carrying out faculty instructional responsibilities.

Action to Meet Objective
Current technology needs will be assessed. Computer equipment for new full-time faculty replacements will be purchased. Upgrades for existing technology will be made for ongoing full-time faculty. The library department project will continue.

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