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Technology Goals

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Technology Goals

Goal I: Providing and Maintaining Student Access

  • To encourage students to become independent learners able to function in an information society
  • To provide access to computer lab facilities for demonstrations, individualized instruction and group learning
  • To assist students in the full utilization of technology resources
  • To provide email, news groups and Internet chat groups facilitating better communication among students, teachers, and the global community
  • To support varied approaches to learning and teaching
  • To provide quality hardware, software, and tutoring in open lab environments that facilitate learning and successful completion of course work
  • To support access to appropriate technology, facilities, and software, including adequate computer classrooms and lab assistance.

Goal II: Ensuring Successful Student Outcomes

  • To increase student learning through the instructional use of multimedia presentations, combining sound, pictures, illustrations and text to strengthen comprehension
  • To enable students to pursue studies at an individualized pace which measures and rewards progress toward mastery of the subject
  • To provide for the use and mastery of software applications currently demanded in the local job market
  • To provide facilities for learning and application of concepts outside the classroom through the use of computer technology
  • To provide facilities enabling practice and experimentation with complex laboratory simulations independently, safely, quickly and without exposure to possibly harmful chemicals or unexpected reactions

Goal III: Providing and Maintaining Faculty Access

  • To provide access to computers and software in faculty offices, including email, Internet access and the ability to develop and preview current software for their curriculum

  • To provide access to administrative records such as rosters, course offerings, grades, sick leave/vacation and budget information
  • To provide on-going training on appropriate software packages and Internet resources
  • To support faculty selections of department-specific, curriculum-related software, hardware, and Internet resources
  • To provide remote access to email and the Internet for all faculty
  • To provide access to appropriate technology, facilities and software
    Goal IV: Providing and Maintaining Staff Access
  • To provide access to computers and software necessary to the function of non-instructional staff positions
  • To support administrative selections of department-specific, job-related software, hardware, and Internet resources
  • To provide remote access to email and the Internet to all staff Goal V: Maintaining Learning Assistance Centers
  • To maintain a general access Learning Assistance Center, which provides centralized access to computers and tutoring services and supports all instructional programs
  • To maintain a Synergy Center for the Arts supporting the needs of art, photography, music, ceramics, theater, and telecommunications
  • To maintain an English Writing Center, Reading Center, and an English as a Second Language Center, each supporting the common needs of students
  • To maintain the Math Study Center which will provide access to appropriate learning programs and tutoring assistance
  • To maintain the Health Professions Center serving the students and faculty of the Cardiovascular Technology, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Orthopedic Technology, Nursing, and Respiratory Therapy Programs. This center provides clinical simulations and a computerized classroom environment for students
  • To maintain the Chemistry Laboratory, which includes computerized measuring instrument, learning programs, and experiments
  • To maintain the Assistive Technology Center with a variety of equipment allowing the disabled student access to all software offered in centers throughout Grossmont
  • To maintain nine computerized classrooms used by Computer Science and Information Systems, Business Office Technology, and the Computer Training Center

Goal IV: Developing and Maintaining Infrastructure

  • To provide support for an integrated network infrastructure that will potentially allow access to any software application through any computer on Grossmont's campus
  • To standardize, where appropriate a Windows XX desktop menu for all computers in all of Grossmont's Learning Centers
  • To provide technical support staff for maintenance of infrastructure as well as individual technology centers
  • To provide timely replacement of hardware and software
  • To work with District Information Systems in the establishment and maintenance of a unified approach to computer service delivery
  • To support access for disabled students to the campus-wide network by providing adaptive equipment and support staff to train and assist the students

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