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Learning Resources

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Learning Resources: Library

Including Instructional Media Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Current and evolving technologies are causing significant changes in the way information is stored, distributed, accessed, and presented. For Grossmont College to offer increased access to a full range of information to all its students, it needs to grow and utilize new technologies while maintaining its traditional hard-copy print-on-paper books. To keep current with new technology and make our resources accessible, Grossmont College's library offers limited online databases, acquires e-books, and maintains an Internet site.

Curriculum Impact
The impact of the increased on-line resources is to facilitate access to instructional materials and information. This allows instructors to expect more in-depth research from their students without the students having to go to another library. This accessibility carries with it the responsibility of evaluating the relevance of the information available.

Approximate Number of Students Served
The library has the potential to affect all students and all disciplines.

Support Impact
The on-line databases are expensive and the number of titles on those databases will increase. The budget for all instructional materials should be increased. Additional professional librarian, information, and technical support staff will be required.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

Provide all Grossmont students, faculty, and staff with convenient access to a broad range of information resources that support their curricula and personal needs.

Continue development and maintenance of the library's component of the Grossmont College website, including web-based reference services, to meet present and future needs.

Increase Grossmont students' information literacy skills.

Employ high quality personnel to assure effective operation and use of information and evolving technological environments.

Provide staff with appropriate training of the use of job-related software and hardware.

Secure new technology to enhance library and instructional media services and access to information to all Grossmont students, staff, and faculty.

Obtain a stable budget for instructional materials (traditional and digital; print and non-print) that is sufficient to support the college curriculum, meeting AB 1725 standards or higher.

Continue inventory to keep track of and assist with organization of our growing collection.

Evaluate library operations to ensure efficient and effective service to our users.

Action to Meet Objective
To meet objective 1:

  • Continue and improve online access to information resources to Grossmont students, faculty, and staff via the Web. The online catalog and subscription databases must be accessible from all locations; we must ensure that access to the information resources is as much as possible, the same off-campus as on-campus.
  • Utilize electronic resources to complement the library's print collection.
  • Select primary formats for each title (print, microform, or electronic) and avoid the purchase of the same title in different formats unless the level of use warrants the additional copy.
  • Conform to cataloging standards: all cataloging will conform to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Code, Second Edition (AACR2R). The database of our automated library system is maintained in MARC format, including bibliographic, authority, holdings, and patron records.
  • Utilize existing cooperatives for increased savings and efficiencies (SDICCCA, CCL, GCCCD, etc.)

To meet objective #2

  • Provide opportunities for staff training in web page development and maintenance.
  • Redesign the website to reorganize the content of the web pages so that users can navigate the site efficiently.
  • Obtain usage reports of the library's web pages.

To meet objective #3

  • Produce an online self-paced library skills course that introduces library resources and how to evaluate their usefulness. Continue to rewrite and update to reflect changes and advancements in the online environment.
  • Continue to evaluate library orientations to ensure responsiveness to changes in electronic resources and needs to our diverse student body.
  • Maintain functional spaces for librarians to train and assist students in the use of resources. This will involve formal classroom instruction as well as one-on-one or group instruction.
  • Offer a 1-unit course in information literacy.

To meet objective #4:

  • Develop personnel budgets that reflect overall library staffing plans.
  • Gain approval for and hire a fifth and sixth librarian (previously the library had 6 librarians.
  • Employ sufficient classified staff to ensure effective service and operations in all areas.

To meet objective #5:

  • Provide professional development opportunities for all staff to keep current with evolving technological advances.

To meet objective #6:

  • The library will install several online public access catalog (OPAC) only terminals at different locations throughout the building.
  • The library will offer wireless network capabilities to its patrons with laptops.
  • The library will evaluate the effectiveness of new technologies and services in meeting the needs of our users.
  • Continue to select, purchase, and install software on library computers for in-library use as suitable products are found. Update software on a routine basis.
  • Explore and purchase media technologies in order to support instructional media.
  • Continue to select and purchase computer and media equipment for in-library use. Upgrade equipment to avoid obsolescence (approximately every three years).
  • Coordinate with Information Systems to ensure servers accommodate new technologies, demand for remote access, and digital databases.

To meet objective #7:

  • Acquire and sustain a stable and sufficient budget for instructional materials, upgraded staff workstations, upgraded student workstations, necessary technology training for staff.
  • Implement a stable and sufficient instructional materials budget.
  • Increase the size of print, non-print, and electronic collections and keep them up to date so that all Grossmont students, staff, and faculty gain access to current resources.

To meet objective #8:

  • Investigate the use of wireless technology for inventory purposes.
  • Develop security measures to reduce the number of missing items.

To meet objective #9:

  • Explore 3M "Self Check" technology that can be used at the circulation desk.
  • Assess effectiveness of public service operations.

Year 2 (2005-2006)

Same as prior year. These objectives are ongoing.

Action to Meet Objective
Same as prior year.

Year 3 (2006-2007)


  • Procure a line item in the budget for electronic resources.
  • Continue to augment electronic books collection, including reference.
  • Investigate federated search engines or a viable substitute for use starting 07/08.
  • Investigate budget feasibility of an article linker (that is, a product that allows users to link directly to articles between different vendors' databases).
  • Provide staff training on an ongoing basis to keep up with technologies (such as Microsoft, SIRSI, web pages, and electronic materials)
  • Provide staff with adequate computer equipment and software to do their jobs.

Actions to meet objectives, in order:

  1. LTR Division Dean will present line item plan for a $65,000 - $85,000 budget for electronic resources, which includes e-books and e-reference, to administration and then appropriate committees for approval.

  2. Purchase CCL E-book collections that are viable for the Grossmont collection, as well as e-reference. Address Collection number 6 in spring 2007. Electronic Resources Librarian will contact CCL for information, and work with library e-book point person to determine if collection is appropriate and useful for Grossmont. Librarian in charge of reference collection development will investigate adding more e-reference books to the collection through the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

  3. Electronic Resources Librarian will investigate other existing federated search engines in spring 2007 to determine highest quality/best price. A review will be presented at a librarians' meeting in the spring, during which alternatives will also be discussed.

  4. Serials librarian will explore article linker options and costs before May 2007.

  5. Ensure technical training on SIRSI (Workflows) interface upgrade coming fall 2006. Purchase a Webinar that can be used for multiple staff trainings for the SIRSI upgrades. Staff using the upgrade will be required to attend Webinar in Library Instruction Lab.

  6. a. Purchase 3 new printers for technical services to replace existing ones which are over 10 years old.
    b. Additionally upgrade the memory on circulation, technical services, and media services staff computers to
    accommodate the new SIRSI interface.

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