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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Because the vast majority of History instructors use computer technologies in the classroom regularly, the Department has been working to include it as a permanent (and updated) fixture in every classroom used by the Department. To date, most classrooms have it, but not all are functioning properly (i.e., 542) or are in need of an upgrade. Because of the need for current maps, photos, note-taking aids, audio and visual sources in history, the direction of the History Department is to expand the use of technology in the classroom. The Department has plans to use a new Tegrity system for history instruction and to turn two classrooms into wireless classrooms; to continue to expand online class offerings; and to use the internet more directly via audio and video for both classroom as well as internet instruction.

Curriculum Impact
The upgraded computer systems (DVD burner, DVD technology, a department- owned Tegrity system, and wireless classrooms) will substantially improve the effectiveness of history department courses. Most students today are visual learners, and technology allows more effective communication of course content, and therefore more effective learning outcomes from students. Current history curriculum emphasizes the use of primary source documentation, and students have more access document analysis through the internet. These updated systems will allow the History Department to BOTH remain current in the field and positively affect students' exit skills.

Approximate Number of Students Served
The History Department serves over 2200 students per semester along with summer and intersession. With the expansion of online courses, the department will be serving more students in the future, since there is no conflict with classroom use.

Support Impact
Technical support will continue to be necessary for online courses. Programs presently on computers in the classroom need to be updated. Support will be needed to instruct history faculty in the use of the Tegrity system and in the use of wireless technology.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

The initial objective of the History Department with both classroom and online instruction will be to upgrade the present computer systems, to purchase a History Department DVD burner and Tegrity system, and to provide more consistent and institutionalized training processes for online course instructors as well as a support system. Faculty office computers will need to be upgraded and maintained as well.

Action to Meet Objective
Upgraded computers will replace the present computers in the classroom and faculty offices. A DVD burner will be purchased along with DVD player for classroom use. In addition, there will be a purchase of a history department owned Tegrity system for use of videos for the internet and classroom.

Year 2 (2005-2006)

The second phase of the history department technology plan will involve training in the use of the Tegrity system along with the creation of two wireless classrooms with portable laptops for student use. Increased training will continue for online instructors and all transfer courses will now be offered in an online format.

Action to Meet Objective
Support personnel will be necessary for the creation of two wireless classrooms along with training in DVD technology and in use of Tegrity system. Equipment will involve the purchase of two carts with portable laptops for student use in two wireless classrooms.

Year 3 (2006-2007)


(1) Replace faculty outdated and poorly functioning computers, scanners, printers, speakers, and software.

(2) Replace classroom outdated and poorly functioning computers, scanners, printers, speakers, and software.

(3) Update the department website and faculty web pages to provide students with department, course, career, and research information.

Action to Meet Objective

(1) Purchase three faculty office computers, of which one must be a high-functioning Mac to accommodate that faculty's video and media creation for classroom and college-wide presentations. The remaining two computers should include DVD players. In lieu of these two new PC computers: higher functioning (faster) PCs with DVD players. Purchase two printers.

(2) Most history classrooms have poorly functioning SPEAKERS for technology presentations; speakers need to be replaced. Technical support is needed to install new speakers, computers, software.

(3) Student worker support is needed to provide technical assistance for website configuration and data updates.

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