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Health Professions

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Health Professions

The Health Professions Computer Center (Room 352A) was upgraded in Summer 2003 from 25 to 30 workstations. There is also an instructor workstation at the front of the room, an analog Elmo camera and a ceiling-mounted digital video projector. A laser printer is available for faculty and student use. The lab is staffed by tutors from a pool of students in various health professions programs and is open 9:00 AM � 6:00 PM Monday � Thursday, and 9:00 AM � 2:00 PM on Friday. Other rooms containing instructional technology that are used by the Health Professions are:

325A Classroom � Smart Cart with analog Elmo camera and ceiling-mounted digital video projector.
325B Classroom � Smart Cart with cart-mounted digital video projector.
329A Technician Office - 2 office PC systems
329B CVT Cath Lab � Podium computer and analog Elmo camera. The General Electric MACLab 7000 physiologic recording system in this room was upgraded to include cardiac electrophysiology hardware and software in Spring 2004.
330 Respiratory Lab � Four stand-alone PC's which are used to operate lung simulators. No other instructional technology available in this room.
345A Occupational Therapy Assistant Classroom/Lab � Smart Cart with analog Elmo camera. Images are projected via large-screen TV monitor.
342 Classroom � Smart Cart with analog Elmo camera. The ceiling-mounted digital video projector has been stolen and should be replaced.
343 Classroom � Podium computer with digital Samsung
book camera and ceiling-mounted video projector.
349 CVT Lab � Podium computer with analog Elmo camera and ceiling-mounted video projector. Two ceiling-mounted large-screen TV monitors.
352B Classroom/Ortho Tech Lab � Smart Cart with analog Elmo camera and ceiling-mounted digital video projector.
355 Nursing Classroom/Lab � Smart Cart with analog Elmo camera and ceiling-mounted video projector.
355B Multipurpose Room � Two SimMan full-body simulators with 2 laptop computers and 12 inch monitor scopes.

Curriculum Impact
The use of instructional technology and the Health Professions Computer Center continues to grow. Scheduling becomes more problematic each semester. Instructors have not only increased the amount of dedicated time needed for individual classes but have also increased the volume of computerized testing. The 300N building is fully and there is no additional space to further expand the Computer Center. To provide additional computer access for students the Health Professions will request the purchase and installation of a 30-Bay wireless, laptop-based mobile laboratory system.

Approximate Number of Students Served
The Center serves all students enrolled in the Health Professions Programs as follows: Cardiovascular Technology: 94 Nursing: 284 Occupational Therapy Assistant: 25 Respiratory Therapy: 38 Speech Language Pathology Assistant: 47. Total = 488 Students

Support Impact
ICS support for the HP Computer Center for the past year has been outstanding. Problems have been minimized since the workstations were upgraded in Summer 2003. Additional technical support remains an issue as the department continues to expand and further utilize computer-based equipment and software. The new Health Science building, which will open in 2008 will require a dedicated support person to maintain the educational technology equipment used by Physics, Earth Science and the Health Professions.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

Increase the number of computers available to faculty and students. Begin upgrade of analog Elmo book cameras to digital technology. Upgrade existing 12-inch monitors for the 2 SimMan full-body simulators to 19-inch, flat screen technology. Provide a ceiling-mounted digital video projector in Room 345A.
Provide a flat-panel computer monitor for the OTA Coordinator.
Upgrade 3 existing CRT Monitors in Room 330 to flat screen technology.
Provide a computer system to Rebecca Handley, RT Instructor, Room 342A
Upgrade existing computer for Jerry Buckley, CVT Instructor, Room 342C.
Provide printer for coordinator of the Speech Language Pathology Program � Donna Swanson-Perrelet � Room 342B

Action to Meet Objective
Purchase and install the wireless, laptop based mobile laboratory as described above.
Purchase and install 2 Samsung SDP-900DX digital book cameras. (Rooms 349 & 355)
Purchase and install two 19" Flat Screen Monitors in Room 355B
Purchase and install one 19" Flat Screen Monitor in Room 341 (OTA Coordinator Office.)
Purchase and install a ceiling-mounted, digital video projector in Room 345A.
Purchase and install three 19" Flat Screen Monitors. (Room 330)
Purchase and install upgraded computers for two instructors. (Handley/Buckley)
Purchase and install one printer � Room 342B. (Swanson-Perrelet)

Year 2 (2005-2006)

Upgrade podium computer in Rooms 325A and 352B.
Upgrade analog Elmo book cameras in Rooms 325A and 352B

Action to Meet Objective
Purchase and install computers.
Purchase and install Samsung SDP-900DX digital book cameras.

Year 3 (2006-2007)
Updated September 2006


Upgrade Elmo book cameras in Rooms 325A, 342 and 349.
Upgrade CVT Secretary Computer to current technology. (Room 340B � CVT Office)
Install laser color printer in Occupational Therapy Assistant Office, Room 341.
Upgrade Overhead-mounted, digital projector in Room 342.
Install flat-screen monitors at 3 workstations in the Respiratory Therapy Lab, Room 330C.
Upgrade Instructor computer and monitor for Rebecca Handley, Room 342A.
Upgrade Instructor computer monitor to flat-screen and install printer, Donna Swanson-Perrelet, Speech Language Pathology Assistant Program. Room 342B.

Action to Meet Objective
Purchase and install AV equipment and upgrades.

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