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Exercise Science and Wellness

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Exercise Science and Wellness


The interior of the 400A building will be demolished and remodeled to meet the current needs of our students and faculty. This reconstruction is scheduled to begin summer of 2007. The faculty of ESW will make a transition move to the 300 West building and use those temporary facilities for 9 to 12 months, starting the summer 2007. The interior reconstruction of the 400A building will upgrade all the faculty offices, weight room, fitness room, and small lecture room, and large lecture room, conference room, training room, athletic directors' office, AD reception office, ESW administration office and open office space for adjunct instructor with the proper electronic infrastructure. The ETC requests for 2008 � 2010 will reflect the future needs for upgrades in the above remodeled facilities.

Curriculum Impact
The use of instructional technology in all of our class offerings has increase especially in the Health Education and Nutrition. In the remodeled 400A building there will be a new testing laboratory which will need additional pieces of equipment for testing purposes.


  1. To have personal web sites for each of our full time and part time instructors.
  2. To have the department web site linked with each instructors web site
  3. To provide more online/hybrid courses to meet the needs of our students.
  4. To investigate which courses in our department would be compatible with online/hybrid instruction?
  5. To continue to provide and encourage instruction for all faculty members in ESW in computer awareness.

Action on objectives

  1. To provide more web site instruction.
  2. Once instructors develop sites to link them with department web site
  3. Identify instructors who have an interest in online education.
  4. Develop a committee to research compatible courses.
  5. CATL does an excellent job of providing opportunities to improve and it is each instructor's professional responsibility to take advantage of each educational chance.

Overall Plan
Now, our department is using many measuring devices to education our students about setting goals that lead to a healthy productive life. The use of such programs such as Power Points is used by many of our instructors to enhance learning. Of our staff members, all but three adjunct instructors have email for department communication purposes with both students and faculty. The ETC Plan provides for equipment and technology in the future, as our physical plant is re-done. Our faculty will be able to keep up with new technology as this equipment is provided in the future. The classrooms and some of the indoor teaching stations will have smart carts, digital projectors, computer/monitors, Tanita Body Composition machines, with each room having cable assess. The new instructors offices will be located at the west end of Building 400 with the appropriate equipment and technology.

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