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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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The department is seeking funding to support expansions in staffing, curriculum, and facilities. The current condition of technology, including instructional support computers, equipment, and furniture, is as follows: In Room 409, the piano, which is used to accompany dance classes, has been repeatedly tuned and/or repaired, and is due to be replaced. Department faculty use a SVHS format video camera for the purpose of videotaping and evaluating student progress. Renovations to the lighting and sound systems are complete. Further renovations, which include installing window coverings, will complete the performance space project. Room 409 is designed specifically as a dance studio, is the only such facility on campus, and is an extremely high traffic facility, accommodating virtually all department offerings as well as dance concert rehearsals, performances, and special events, which serve the college and surrounding communities. Room 414, which measures approximately 10'x14', houses the entire dance department. This office space is overcrowded, inefficient, and lacks any support furniture which could be specifically designed to maximize work and storage spaces. In this room, the department maintains three computers, which serve two full-time faculty, eight part-time faculty, and the Dance Operations Facilitator.

Curriculum Impact
Due to the fact that room 409 accommodates over 90% of all department offerings, the impact of technology on curriculum is substantial. Completing renovations to Room 409 and purchasing instructional technology and related equipment are vital components to maintaining the current curriculum and developing new curriculum.

Approximate Number of Students Served
The dance department serves approximately 1,100 Grossmont College students and 2,000 students, teachers, and children in surrounding communities through ongoing outreach programs per academic year. Perceived growth is only limited by a lack of facilities. Additional facilities, either on or off-campus would allow for continued growth.

Support Impact
Installation of equipment and instructional support furniture would, most likely, require personnel support.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

Instructional support technology and equipment, which directly impact classes held in Room 409, are of the highest priority.

The piano, which qualifies as support technology/equipment by virtue of the fact that it is used to accompany dance classes, is more than 20 years old, has been repaired and/or tuned numerous times, and is due to be replaced.

Educational and performance videos, which are used by faculty for research, and also as instructional aides, are currently available on DVD format. Installing DVD players in room 409 and the dance office would allow faculty and students to take advantage of current technologies. Once a DVD is made available, older VHS format tapes can be transferred to DVD and archived.

A digital DVD camera, which would be compatible with the abovementioned DVD players, would assist faculty and students in evaluation of choreography, technique and movement qualities. The camera would also be used to document student and faculty dance performances. In addition, the camera would enable the photographer to capture digital images, which could then be used to aid in graphics for department promotional materials, and master classes.
A Body Fat/Composition scale would be used by faculty and students to gain some perspective of individual body fat percentage and chart personal progress.

Action to Meet Objective

  • Purchase and deliver one piano.
  • Purchase and install two DVD players, one in room 409, and one in room 414. Purchase a digital DVD camera and tripod.
  • Purchase a Body Fat/Composition scale.
  • Piano delivery and installation of DVD players would require support personnel.

Year 2 (2005-2006)

The dance department office is a small, high-traffic space accommodating two full-time faculty and one part-time facilitator. This space is also used by eight adjunct faculty. The 10'x14' office needs to be renovated to increase organization, efficiency, and productivity. Included in the renovation would be the acquisition of an additional computer for use by adjunct faculty, and the purchase and installation of smaller and/or more streamlined technology in the form of flat screen monitors. Having an efficient floor plan and appropriate technology and support furniture will allow for more effective traffic flow, increased storage, and expanded work spaces for the full-time and adjunct faculty and the Dance Operations Facilitator.

Action to Meet Objective

  • Purchase and install one new computer for use by adjunct faculty.
  • Purchase and install four (4) flat screen monitors to maximize desk space in Room 414.
  • Purchase and install computer desks and additional office furniture in the form of cabinetry and/or appropriate storage in the dance department office (room 414).
  • Installation of computers and furniture would require support personnel.

Year 3 (2006-2007)

Additional curtains installed over the windows in room 409, when closed, would effectively block out all incoming light, creating a theatre setting for video taping, rehearsals and performances. Having this capability would allow faculty and students to use the lighting system at any time of day. Small performances would also be made possible with this addition.

Action to Meet Objective

  • Purchase and install a pull curtain system for the windows in room 409.

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