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Business Office Technology

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Technology Plan 2004-2007

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Business Office Technology

Move to the Technology Center in June 2004. Upgrade software to Microsoft Office 2003 for Fall �04. Develop hybrid and on-line courses as well as create on-line content for some of our oe/oe courses. Buy and use office technology equipment into BOT107 (Office Technology) course. Possible move to next version of Microsoft Office in 2007.

Curriculum Impact
Students in our programs are preparing for careers as office support professionals. They must master the current versions of software, hardware, and other technology to be prepared and succeed in the business environment.
The transition to Microsoft �03 will impact the majority of our course content (new texts, syllabi), as will development of on-line components.

Approximate Number of Students Served
1300-1500 per semester. (Including Flex lab and OPT program)

Support Impact
Office 2003 needs to be installed on all Flex Lab computers as well as instructor stations (tech support). Teachers need to be exposed to and trained on new software and all new content developed each semester. Instructors need training on WebCT for hybrid, on-line courses, and WebCT portions of oe/oe courses. Permanent lab aide needed.

Year 1 (2004-2005)

Transition to Office 03 software. Develop on-line testing and syllabi in the Flex Lab by incorporating WebCT into the Flex Lab. Hire Flex Lab aides, hire adjunct faculty for Flex Lab. Incorporate medical spell check software for transcribing classes and office technology equipment into appropriate courses.

Action to Meet Objective
Install �03 software and select textbooks and develop new syllabi. Include Publisher presentations during staff development to demonstrate testing /assessment software. Identify instructor(s) to take the on-line training being offered at Grossmont. Develop on on-line quizzes and create links to them (using WebCT) for various oe/oe classes. Actively recruit students as aides. Purchase and include various office technology equipment into appropriate BOT classes.

Year 2 (2005-2006)

Develop more on-line content for oe/oe courses as well as traditional BOT courses. Continue to expose instructors to on-line teaching technology techniques. Develop hybrid & on-line BOT classes.

Action to Meet Objective
Identify instructors who need Webpage & on-line training. Identify training availability. Submit hybrid and on-line BOT courses to curriculum committee, create WebCT or Blackboard content.

Year 3 (2006-2007)

As Microsoft upgrades its operating system and business software within the next year, it is challenging to develop objectives to support those changes. The BOT department will continue to support innovative curriculum changes and updates to meet local business and industry demands but plan to continue similar objectives as indicated in the second year of this three year plan.

  • The BOT Department continues, on an ongoing basis, to plan on equipping our classrooms/labs with upgraded technology in order to support advanced and new course offerings.
  • Continue to meet the needs of students for both employment and transfer to four year universities by providing classes to support new industry and educational standards.
  • Continue to support faculty with new technology and upgrade their office computers to meet the needs of the new and updated courses.
  • Continue to expand online and hybrid courses in both new and existing curriculum.
  • Explore new industry technologies and add new courses to support those technologies.
  • Maintain currency of the software library with maintenance updated agreements. A timely upgrade of lab hardware and servers is imperative to meet the needs of new and emerging technology.

Action to Meet Objective
The BOT department will hire our fourth full-time faculty who is eager to develop new course content to add to our existing curriculum in addition to providing support to adjunct instructors.

� Actively market our new programs and recruit new students through local publications, flyers, and community outreaches.

� Replace equipment and software that is more than 3 years old with the latest generation to support newly developed curriculum.

� Continue to work collaboratively with other departments to develop new cross-listed courses.

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