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Gopa Patnaik

M.A., San Diego State UniversityGopa Patnaik
B.A., CSU San Marcos

Hello my name is Gopa Patnaik. I immensely enjoy working with the diverse student population at Grossmont Community College. Being a first-generation immigrant from the continent of Asia, I am aware of the adaptation and acculturation process. Having been a student in the community college system as a reentry student I am fully aware of the challenges and dynamics of the learning and teaching environments here. Currently I work as a generalist and coordinate of the Puente Project, which is a one-year academic program utilizing writing, counseling, and mentoring components.

I work closely with students and help them assess their career and academic goals by administering several inventories such as COPS; Myers Briggs Type Indicator and help students go through a process of self-exploration. By helping them clarify their own values, interests and passions, I help them acquire self-knowledge and occupation knowledge. I also recommend students to enroll in career decision-making classes and study skills classes. Having information about self-aptitude and career opportunities opens up several options to consider.

If students have a long-term goal to transfer I recommend courses that are fully transferable through articulation agreements and transfer guarantees such as TAG, IGETC, and CSU general education plans. If a student chooses transitional short-term goals such as acquiring an Associate degree or vocational certificate, I help them plan their courses keeping long-term objectives in perspective.

As a counselor I am strongly influenced by the "person centered" approach. I establish trust and rapport with each student by utilizing the principles of empathy and unconditional positive regard. Based on specific needs of students I refer them to EOPS, Transfer Center, Financial Aid Office, Disabled Student Services and other student support services.

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