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Drew Massicot

M.S., San Diego State UniversityDrew Massicot
B.M., North Texas State University

Hello and thank you for your interest in Grossmont College. I began working at the Grossmont College Counseling Center in 1987 where I have been the International Student Counselor since 1992. I really enjoy assisting students from all over the world in reaching their educational goals including our Certificate programs, our Associate Degrees and transferring to a university in the USA. And I like joining the International students and their American friends in their many off-campus activities planned by Barbara Clark, such as bus trips to the desert and mountains; whale-watching boat trips; Wild Animal Park; San Diego Zoo; and volleyball, soccer, and barbeque parties at the beach. I also play the piano and have recorded four piano solo CDs. I've lived and traveled with my wife to many different countries. San Diego is a wonderful city, with beautiful weather and lots of sunny beaches, so I hope we have a chance to welcome you to Grossmont College!

Last Updated: 10/18/2014
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