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ASL-English Interpreter Handbook

Payroll / Billing

All interpreting work is hourly and subject to student enrollment, budget cuts, and/or at the discretion of the Accessibility Resource Center. ASL interpreters are Non-Academic / Non-Classified employees (NANCE), and must have their rehire forms renewed once a year to be considered an active employee.

  • Billable Time Only: Interpreters are paid for the time spent in assigned classes only. If you arrive late to an assignment, this should be reflected in Workday. Please submit your hours into the Workday system on the last day of your shift weekly.
  • Paid Holidays or Sick Time: NANC employees are not paid when campus is closed for holidays, and possibly may not be compensated for missed work due to campus closures from emergencies, utility disruptions, or natural disasters. Interpreters are responsible to know the dates of known campus closures each semester by viewing the online academic calendar or the online class schedule. Interpreters can accrue sick time under the Heathly Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 Paid Sick Leave (AB1522). Please check in the Wokday System for an up-to-date record of accrued sick time.
  • Field Trip Billing: The DHH student is responsible to request additional interpreting services for class-related needs (e.g. field trips, conferences, special events at a different location on campus, etc.) that occur outside the regularly scheduled class. Interpreters must have direct authorization from the A.R.C. to interpret additional services outside of class before interpreting. Field trips that occur off-campus must be communicated to the Interpreter Coordinator as soon as possible. Interpreters should never provide transportation to DHH students for class field trips.
  • Work Authorization: All interpreter assignment placements must be approved by the Interpreter Coordinator in advance in order to be paid.
  • Personal Records: Each interpreter is responsible to keep track of their own hours. If you are uncertain about specific hours worked, contact the Interpreter Coordinator for clarification, preferably well before pay period deadlines.
  • Two-Hour Minimum: If an interpreter is on campus for a one-time assignment, the interpreter may bill for a two-hour minimum, even if the assignment runs less than two hours. If an interpreter interprets a short assignment with a four hour gap until the next class/assignment in the same day, then the first assignment is a two-hour minimum.
  • Paychecks: Paychecks can be picked up at the Business Communications Office located at Building 10 after 11:30 a.m. on the last day of the month. A Direct Deposit option can easily be set up through the Workday system. Contact the Interpreter Coordinator for more info.
  • Pay Day on a Holiday/Weekend: If pay day happens on a weekend or a holiday, checks will be available the business day before. Please contact the Business Communications Office at: (619) 644-7621 for any possible changes.
  • New Fiscal Year: Every July 1st new Rehire forms are required for employment. Hire/Rehire forms will be offered to interpreters who are invited to continue in employment and are not guarenteed. Hire/Rehire forms require the employee's original signature and cannot be submitted by fax or by email attachment. Interpreters may not begin working until the Hire/Rehire form has been authorized by Human Resources.  Once authorized, the Interpreter Coordinator will send an email confirmation for employment.
Last Updated: 12/07/2017
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