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Interpreting Services

ASL-English Interpreter / Captionist / Transcriber Handbook



If you are friends with a DHH student outside of GCCCD, please have a heightened awareness about following the RID-CPC when working with that particular student. Discuss the matter with the Interpreter Coordinator if you feel your ethics may be compromised.

  • Interpreter / Captionist & Student Interaction Should Be Professional

    GCCCD interpreters are here for academic interpreting only. Avoid interpreting for student's personal phone calls or requests to check their voice mails. There is a videophone located in the Technology Mall by the registration desk for DHH students to use. When working with a student, please use discretion if personal information is exchanged such as phone numbers and emails. GCCCD DSP&S does not recommend or support the exchange of personal cell phone numbers with DHH students.

    GCCCD does not support Interpreters/Captionists providing DHH students rides in their personal vehicles. Keep a professional distance between yourself and the DHH student.

  • Do Not Counsel or Advise DHH Students

    The Interpreter / Captionist is not responsible for the actions and behaviors of DHH students. DHH students are adult-age, college students who are responsible for their own academic lives and behaviors. DHH students are held to the same academic standards and student code of conduct as general population students. Interpreters / Captionists are not to: counsel, advise, or interject personal opinions (e.g. academic advising, religious views, politics, or moral living beliefs).

  • Interpreters / Captionists Do Not Tutor DHH Students

    If a student complains about not understanding the interpreted message during class, try to restate the information in a different manner. Many times a student does not understand class information due to a lack of preparation on the student's part or perhaps due to the instructor's teaching style. Please direct the student to other helpful resources such as one-on-one with the instructor after class, during instructor office hours, the Tutorial Center, or to a DSP&S counselor.

  • Gifts From DHH Students

    Out of gratitude for providing services, it is acceptable and culturally appropriate to accept a small token of appreciation from a DHH student (e.g. Star Bucks gift card). However, please avoid a conflict of interest by accepting unusually excessive gifts (e.g. Family pack of free tickets to Disneyland, an iPod, or iPad). Please contact the Interpreter Coordinator if you feel there may be a conflict of interest.

Last Updated: 11/26/2014
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