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PHYC 241  Optics and Modern Physics

Course Notes:

We will cover a wide variety of subjects in optics and modern physics such as: ray and wave models of light, quantum mechanics, special relativity and particle physics.  The material will be covered in semi-chronological order to help you appreciate how discoveries in one topic led to a deeper understanding or creation of the next topic.

PHYC 131  Fundamentals of Physics

Course Notes:

I am excited to bring you a course that will not only delve into the core concepts and problem solving techniques for electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics but will also help develop useful science communication skills.  Merely learning the concepts will not be enough to master the subject. Experts do more than understand the concepts; they find patterns and can “organize these concepts in a way that reflects a deep understanding of their subject matter”.  Therefore, we will investigate the relationships between electric fields, magnetic fields, and light and develop our communication skills via in-class discussions and group work. Also it will be fun!

PSC 120  Fundamentals of Scientific Computing (MATLAB)

Course Notes:

MATLAB is an important and useful tool used by scientists and engineers everywhere.  We will learn how to use this software to do some basic programming and to manipulate and visualize data. 

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Education Background

Ph.D.   Physics – 2009, City University New York, New York, NY,
           Impact of Context on Learning and Epistemology in Physics,

M.Sc.   Physics – 1998, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
           Secondary Electron Emission Properties of Thin Films of Molybdenum Disulfide

B.Sc.    Physics – 1996, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

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