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LECTURE NINE Global Climates

Review the power point lecture from class. Warning: this may not have the most up to date file. This is only a general overview it does not include all the diagrams,  drawings, and discussions from class but it is a good place to start and a helpful review

Introduction to Climate
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Climate is defined as the weather conditions in a certain geographical area averaged over a long period of time. 

Play with this interactive Climograph resource to practice predicting climates

Climate Systems and the major controls on climates:

Watch how the global winds and pressure belts shift throughout the year and think about how these influence climate

A good exploration of climates based on Koppens classification system and related to different biomes

Check out what the climate is like for thousands of unique places across the world
Climate resources from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

See if you can pass a children's climate quiz!
Check out "weather eye" to learn:
The difference between weather and climate and the different regional climates of the U.S. (along with a quiz about those climates)

How to read a climograph:

Now practice interpreting some climographs!
Climographs from around the world

 Climate Model Progression from 1970's-today

2007 Climate report from the 
Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC)


What should I know for the test?
Take the practice Quiz and review other resources offered through the book website


McKnight Textbook: Chapter 8


Jane Thorngren's Physical Geography practice questions  

Practice Questions from an online physical geography course
Review questions from the UWSP geography department: search for the section we are talking about and take a graded practice quiz or exam
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