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Lecture Topic One: Introducing Cultural Geography

Lecture 1Introduction to Geography -  Review the power point lecture from class. Warning: this may not have the most up to date file. This is only a general overview it does not include all the diagrams, drawings, and discussions from class but it is a good place to start and a helpful review.


Cultural Geography as defined by Wikipedia

Cultural Geography and Careers as defined by the American Association of Geographers

Some definitions you may find useful while exploring the world of cultural geography



As Rubenstein defines it: the body of customary beliefs, material traits, and social forms that together constitute, the distinct tradition of a group of people.

As defined by Anthropology

More Definitions and Metaphors


Test your geographic knowledge of the world

Check out all these cool geography games

Lecture 1

Learn about the many different map types and complete exercises and test yourself to ensure that you will comprehend and understand for our purposes and forever!

Geographic Information Systems: an explanation from a GIS company


Space, place, and Scale

Lecture 1


Top 20 US toponyms...

Site Vs Situation

Geographic Grid
An Introduction to the Geographic Grid from Dr. Rodrigue at California  State University:
Lecture 1


A definition and information from Wikipedia

A detailed examination of the concept of "REGION" 

Lecture 1
A geographic history of regions from National geographic

Formal, Functional and Vernacular Regions

Lecture 1

Geographic Diffusion 
  Definition: movements of people, goods, or ideas 

Expansion Diffusion: 

  1. Contagious Diffusion: nearly all adjacent individuals are affected 
  2. Hierarchical Diffusion: main channel  of diffusion is some segment of those who are susceptible to or adopting whatever is being diffused 
  3. Stimulus Diffusion: when something  is not readily adopted by a receiving population, but later on as the result  of some sort of stimulus,  is adopted 

Lecture 1
More on expansion diffusion

    Relocation Diffusion: the actual movement of individuals  who have already adopted an idea or innovation and carry it to a new, perhaps distant locale, where they proceed  to disseminate it. 

--Migrant diffusion: when an innovation originates somewhere and enjoys strong but brief adoption there 

A General Overview of Diffusion

A great overview/review of our introduction to Cultural Geography


Course Practice Questions

Concept Review, thinking spatially and Quick review Questions from Chapter One

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