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Review the power point lecture from class. Warning: this may not have the most up to date file. This is only a general overview it does not include all the diagrams, drawings, and discussions from class but it is a good place to start and a helpful reviewLecture 4

Begin your exploration with this site:

"Stalker's guide to International Migration"
to answer your most pressing questions

Click on the map below to learn more information about each of the migrations

Click here to find out more about the different types of migrants

Check out this great interactive following
migration through genetics
NatGEO pic

Stay up to date with the very latest in Migration news!

Why do people migrate?
Play with these push and pull factors to see how they are related:

Find out more about the history of United States immigration

Watch a rather humorous Cartoon History of Illegal Immigration

See the people of 1620's America debate the issue of Illegal Immigration

Read about the recent wave of migration from Latin America and view and interactive map

Find out more and participate in discussions about the film Farmingville

Review the topic of migration with help from Wikipedia


Course Practice Questions

Book Resources for Chapter 3

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