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Language Power pointLecture 5 Review the power point lecture from class. Warning: this may not have the most up to date file. This is only a general overview it does not include all the diagrams, drawings, and discussions from class but it is a good place to start and a helpful review

Language Power Point II

What is Language?
Answers to this and more from Wikipedia
Lecture 5

A Brief History of Languages
from the view point of a historian (shockingly)

For More information check these links

When did Language become human: another theory

A Great Tutorial Introducing and Reviewing Language and Culture from a cultural anthropology perspective
Lecture 5

What the heck is Language Geography?

Lecture 5
Check out all the languages that are about to go extinct while you can!
(There are over 100 alone in the United States)

Is English an Lingua Franca? What is a Lingua Franca?
Lecture 5

The Origins of English:

Lecture 5

From Wikipedia.
Lecture 5

Check out all the words we've borrowed and the crazy places they come from
Lecture 5

The Many Dialects of English:
Lecture 5

How can they possibly know?
Language change, evolution and working backwards to retrace ancient languages

Proto-Indo-European numbers from one to ten:

oino, dwo, trei, kwetker, penkwe,
sweks, sept, oktou, newn, dekm.

Languages of the World:
A brief examination of the language families and branches of the world

Language Families Maps
Lecture 5

And an explanation from Wikipedia

History and Examination of Mandarin Chinese Characters
Lecture 5

Everything you ever wanted to know about Proto-Indo-European (and the comparative method), but were afraid to ask!



Click here for a great extensive examination of the Indo-European Family tree and all the languages contained within:

Lecture 5



A History of Writing

 Lecture 5


Another examination from Wikipedia



Course Practice Questions

Book Resources for Chapter 5

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