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Qais Sako
Qais  Sako

Qais Sako

English Professor


Contact Info:

Phone: 619-644-7505
Office: Bldg. 52, Room 563B
Office Hours: MW 8:00 a.m.-9:15 TTh 11:00-1:00



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ENGL 098  English Fundamentals

Course Notes:

English 098 MW 10:00-11:50
(4887 linked with Professor’s Ding Engl. 098R section 4925 )

English 098 MW 12:30-2:20
(4893 linked with Professor’s Montuori’s Engl. 098R section 4930)

ENGL 110  College Composition
ENGL 124  Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing

Course Notes:


"Do not be satisfied with what is given to you; aspire for what you can get."
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