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Exercise: Using Source Material

Using the four sources we have examined to date--Gates's "What's In a Name?"; Cisneros's "Only Daughter"; Alexie's "Indian Education"; and Alexie's Smoke Signals--select two quotes to which you relate personally or react ideologically.  Record their page numbers in Patterns For College Writing (or any other source you are using that contains these works).

  1. Free-write for eight minutes about your reaction to these quotations.  What makes you react the way you do?  What relevance do they hold for you? In what ways do you personally react?  Intellectually respond?  Culturally relate?

  2. Using a claim of value that addresses one of the questions in #1, write a paragraph that a) incorporates or indents one of the two quotations you have selected, and b) paraphrases the other.


Make sure all of the following are used correctly:

  • punctuation to introduce the quote
  • markers or indention to set apart quoted matter
  • introduction to the author and the title of his or her work
  • appropriately placed contextual citations containing the last name, title (if two works by the same author are used) and page #s


  1. Working in pairs, discuss how, where, and why you might use this paragraph in your forthcoming essay.
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