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Up With (Thoughtful) Prescriptivism

In "Up With (Thoughtful) Prescriptivism," author Marcia Riefer Johnston outlines the debate between descriptivists, who are that language and its rules should be regarded as fluid, and prescriptivists, who believe that some rules of language should be fixed and unchanging. The Urban Dictionary is a prime example of the former, though, more and more, so-called "legitimate" dictionaries are also adding new words, slang terms, and the rules found grammar handbooks are becoming more flexible. 

Take 5 minutes to write about a word, a turn of phrase, or a rule of punctuation / grammar that should, or shouldn't, be permitted in college writing, and take about why.  Since this will not be collected, you can write about this in your native language (if that's more comfortable) and you can choose an expression or slang term in that language as well. 

Last Updated: 02/27/2017


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