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Parts of Speech: Exercise 3

Divide into eight groups of approximately equal numbers. (In a class of 35, a group consists of around 4 students; In a class of 25, a group means 3 students; in a class of 20, group into 4 pairs and 4 triplets) Each group will be assigned one part of speech (shown below). Using the following sentence, identify the word or words representing your assigned part of speech:

Oh crap!, my car ran out of gas again, and I have an important job interview at eight this morning, but now I have no way to get there!

Then, discuss, conceptualize, and design that part of speech as a new invention for which you are going to apply for a U.S. patent. (Keep in mind that you're not being asked to design the word(s) used in the sentence, but, rather, a whole part of speech.)

One person in your group should do the job of drawing the design, but with everyone's input. When all the groups have finished, the entire class will pose as a U.S. patent committee, and each group will present its invention, explain what it does to represent the part of speech assigned, and justify its design decisions.

Group 1:Noun
Group 2:Pronoun
Group 3:Verb
Group 4:Verbal
Group 5:Adjective
Group 6:Adverb
Group 7:Preposition
Group 8:Conjunction

Here's an example:
Interjection ("Oh crap!")

AN INTERJECTION BALLISTIC MISSILE: a ballistic device shaped like a fountain pen, that's rocketed into the sky and remotely detonated in order to seed the atmosphere with very strong emotion. All who see it are at first shocked, then they fall into a highly emotional state. The device has five separate settings that can be used in combination or individually: anger, panic, disappointment, surprise, and happiness. Use for propaganda, advertising, and the ongoing "shock and awe" of rhetoric in Washington, D.C.


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