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Exercise 2: Parts Of Speech

feather help/helps us unhappily understanding
Pres. Obama is/are you too unsettled

Select words from different columns to perform the following:
Write a sentence that uses only two words.
Write one sentence that use five words, one from each column.
Write a sentence that makes no sense grammatically and syntactically.* [In other words,write a sentence that intentionally uses the wrong parts of speech.]

Use the following link for further study about parts of speech, syntax, and diagramming:

What makes the following sentences unintelligible?
Too is with generously teaches.
Philosophy children him unhappily understanding.
To live levitates is helps appointed.
Great excellent far you themselves.

What makes the following NOT sentences?
With suspicion, Albert Einstein quietly unsettled.
Teaches children understanding.
What matters to live.
Appointed President Obama.

What makes the following sentences complete?
A feather levitates quietly while children help themselves generously.
Albert Einstein teaches you understanding so that you are not too unsettled to live.
To live philosophy with suspicion quietly helps Albert Einstein because understanding
President Obama unhappily appointed him too lightly is what matters.
What does it matter?


Some Definitions

parts of speech = the grammatical and syntactical roles played by words in expression
phrases = strings of words that relate to one another and contribute more detail and description to other words
subjects = nouns or pronouns in the role of being, doing, or creating action
predicates = verbs and (if transitive) their objects
clauses = subject nouns and predicate verbs that express an idea
independent clause = a clause complete enough to be on its own as a sentence; a main clause
dependent clause = a clause that is tied to another clause, or words in another clause, because it adds detail; a subordinate clause
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