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English 098
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Exercise: Classify-Divide / Cause-Effect


Part One
Free-write for eight minutes on the following: "The last time anyone inspired me . . . " This doesn't have to be about someone you know personally, nor must this person necessarily be alive. However, it should be a real person, not a character from a story.

Part Two
Get into groups of four and introduce your topic. Discuss with your group the qualities you identify as "inspirational" based upon all of your experiences. Then, as a group, collaborate on a single definition of "inspiration" that identifies three criteria (three qualities) important to all inspiring people. List them, and be ready to defend them based on the examples of the people who inspired you.



One half of the class will complete the following: "There are three different types [of specific people] in the world; they are A, B, and C." Limit the context. (For example," There are three different kinds of students in the classroom . . . ."

The other half of the class will complete the following: There are three ways [something] has changed over the years; they are A, B, and C." (For example, "Three ways that men's barbers have changed over the years are . . . ).

Using the profession or vocation you intend to discuss in Writing Assignment 3, permit yourself to be interviewed by the members of your group with the following questions, and be ready to defend your answers:

  1. What are the qualities that inspire someone to pursue the career in your assignment topic?
  2. What do some of these inspirational qualities have in common? 3. Why are people inspired by these qualities?
  3. What are some of the wrong reasons to pursue this profession?
  4. What definition of "inspiration" is suggested by your examination of this topic?
  5. Which strategy is best suited to this topic, Cause-Effect or Classification- Division? Why?
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