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Take Home Exercises
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Take Home Exercise #8

DUE TUESDAY March 20th, 2012

Penn State Geospatial Revolution Project

Episode 2

Navigate to the Penn State Geospatial Revolution Project Episode 2.  Watch the short
video while taking notes.  Then, answer the following questions directly in the web
form below based on information you obtained from the video.  Note:  It is highly
recommended that you first type your answers in a word document and save it.  Then,
copy and paste your answers from the word document into this form and click "submit"
at the bottom of the page.


1.  What does Portland Maps provide?

2.  What is PDX Reporter?

3.  What does PDX Reporter provide to city managers, and users?

4.  Define LIDAR.

5.  What type of model does LIDAR provide?

6.  Explain some of the various savings that UPS can generate
by saving 1 mile per driver per day.

7.  What is Telematics?

8.  UPS has moved from a trucking company that has technology
to what?

9.  How did the Food Trust use GIS to find locations for new

10.  What is transforming what it means to be a human?

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