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Bowling for Columbine Assignment

There is no single "right" answer to this essay; what matters most is your grasp of the work you are talking about.  Thus, research in outside sources is not required.  You will want to use the topic of the essay as a vehicle to explain the assigned reading.  Where applicable, make specific references to the text.  (A parenthetical author and page number in your essay is sufficient to footnote references.)   Analytic rigor, thoughtfulness, and clear, persuasive writing will determine your grade. In addition to content, all essays will be graded on grammar, style, and structure.  Three pages total.

Watch the film Bowling for Columbine.  This can be found at most video rental locations.  How would the events in the film be assessed from the perspective of contemporary conservatism, contemporary liberalism, democratic socialism, and critical theory (Marcuse).  (Hint: the contrasts between Canada and the U.S. are particularly interesting).  Refer to the readings and course/lecture material in your response.

Last Updated: 11/16/2014
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