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Catalog Description

An overview of the biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of human sexuality. Topics include historical influences and cultural variation, the development of sex roles and their influence on sexual behavior, the anatomy and physiology of the sexual organs and their response during sexual stimulation, the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure, methods of birth control, pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunctions, sexual variations, and coercive sexual behavior.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students will:

  1. BulletUse a critical analysis of the scientific method as a basis for evaluating sexual information and concepts.

  2. BulletExplain the biological, cultural, and social dimensions of human sexual and reproductive behavior.


Course Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. BulletIdentify, describe, and explain how historical developments, social structures and cultural contexts shape human sexuality.

  2. BulletDescribe and explain the biological, anatomical, and physiological aspects of both human sexuality and human reproduction.

  3. BulletCompare and contrast the research methods used in psychology for the study of human sexuality.

  4. BulletIdentify, describe, compare and contrast the main theoretical frameworks in psychology for the study of human sexuality.

  5. BulletAnalyze how gender influences sexual behavior.

  6. BulletReview and synthesize the current scientific literature on sexual orientation.

  7. BulletEvaluate current methods of contraception and other reproductive technologies.

  8. BulletIdentify the symptoms, methods of transmission, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

  9. BulletAnalyze current practices in sex therapy.

  10. BulletReview and synthesize the current research literature on rape and sexual assault.

  11. BulletExamine historical and cultural variations on sexual morality.

Psychology 134
Satisfies General Education for CSU E
Transfers to: 
UC Developmental Psychology

Psychology 134

Satisfies General Education for CSU E

Transfers to:

  1. CSU

  2. UC Developmental Psychology

Catalog description and objectives

Catalog description and objectives

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