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Answers to Geology Study Questions

These are provided as a means to check your work. I do not want to see my answers copied when you turn in your study questions for extra credit at the end of the semester. In many cases these answers are longer than yours need be.

Test 1

Ch. 1 (& 2.4) Introduction  

Ch. 3 Minerals

Ch. 4 - Igneous Rocks 

Ch. 5 Volcanism

Test 2

Ch. 6 Weathering 

Ch. 7 Sedimentary Rocks

Ch. 8 Metamorphic Rocks  

Ch. 10 Sea Floor

Test 3

Ch. 9 Earthquakes (& 11.1-11.3 Rock Deformation) 

Ch. 2 Plate Tectonics (& 11.4-11.7 Mountain Building) 

Ch. 18 Geologic Time

Final Exam

Ch. 12 Mass Wasting 

Ch. 13 Streams

Ch. 14 Groundwater

Ch. 16 Deserts

Ch. 17 Coasts

Last Updated: 01/13/2015
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