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Syllabus Quiz

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                                        20 points

Syllabus Quiz

1.        What is the Mascot (animal symbol) of Grossmont?

2.       What is your teacher’s full name?  Spell it correctly.

3.       Where is your teacher’s office?

4.       How much time do you have to spend in the EWC every week?                               

5.       When is your weekly EWC Participation Report Form due?

6.       How much time should you spend on homework every week?

7.       What is your email address?

8.       How points can your get on each chapter homework writing assignment?

9.       What happens if your cell phone goes off during class?

10.   When should you sharpen your pencil?

11.   What happens if you have food or drink in the class?

12.   What happens if you miss a quiz or test?

13.   What should you do if you are absent? (3 things)

14.   For the Final Grade, how much is each activity worth?


15.   What grade do you need to pass the class?

16.   At the end of the semester, how can you get your final grades?

17.   What is the name and office number of our ESL Coordinator

18.   Where is the Lost and Found

19.   Where is the EWC

20.   On what dates are the following:

Portfolio Due
Writing Final
Grammar Final
Spring Break and other holidays

Last Updated: 09/24/2014
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