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History 114
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Africans in the Americas – Discussion Questions from Lepore

Africans in the Americas –Discussion Questions from Lepore

Journal Entry # __


1)  “Kidnapped” by Olaudah Equiano (p. 130-132)

What does this document tell us about the institution of slavery?








2)  “Tips for Slave Traders” (132-133)

a)  What tips do the owners of the Dispatch issue to the captain before he sets out for Africa and subsequently the West Indies or South Carolina in 1725?






b)  What is the importance of George Kingston’s journal? (134-135)







3) “Ships of Death” (135-136)

What does this document by Olaudah Equiano tell us about the transatlantic voyage- the “middle” passage of the African slave trade to the Americas?








4)  “For Sale” (137-138)

Tell us about the importance of this article written by Mary Prince (early 19th century).








5)  “Africans’ New Worlds” (138-142)

a)  What does Hugh Jones’ account, written in the 1720’s, tell us about plantation slavery?







b)  What does Mary Prince’s account tell us about the vulnerability of slave women?








6)  “Two Views” (142-144)

a)  What does this 1740 article from London Magazine tell us about the argument for or against slavery?








b)  What does Mary Prince say about that?








7)  “Runaways and Rebels” (144-145)

How did Black people in British North America resist slavery?  What does the lieutenant governor of Virginia, William Gooch (1729) say about this?

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