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What Is the Silent Spring Resource Center?

The Silent Spring Resource Center is an on-line resource for the 2012 Silent Spring Project, a multi-disciplinary celebration of the 50th anniversary of biologist Rachel Carson's groundbreaking book, Silent Spring.  Examining the morality of chemical pesticide use and its environmental effects, the book provoked a critical reception in 1962 that would mark it as one of the twentieth century's seminal works, helping to launch ecology awareness during the 1960s that would soon become the modern environmental movement.  

In fall 2012, San Diego County colleges, universities, and other education-based institutions will host their own campus-wide, interdisciplinary celebrations offering a diverse intramural perspective from a wide range of departments, including but not limited to History, Health, Humanities, English, Science, Political Science, Communication, Graphic Arts and Dramatic Arts.  The following institutions are proud to be among other participating regional institutions in the Silent Spring Project:  Grossmont College; San Diego State University; the University of San Diego; California State University, Nazarene University; Point Loma; San Marcos; and University of California, San Diego.  Tate Hurvitz, a Grossmont College Professor and Project Director for the San Diego Center for Ethics in Science and Technology, describes Rachel Carson's book as "an extraordinary opportunity to investigate the big ideas in our world.  In addition, students will see how various academic disciplines are unique in their contributions and, yet, are also part of one larger and richer conversation about the world we all share.”  

As with last year's "One Book, One Campus" celebration, the 2012-2013 Silent Spring Project will be an event-based and curricular experience, free of charge and open to the public.  Main events will be held in October, to coincide with National Book Month.  The "One Book, One Campus" concept promotes the sharing of instructional resources and learning strategies to unite regional campuses and their students in an intellectual dialogue about a single book with widespread, crossover appeal.  The 2011 "One Book, One Campus" project showcased the book by award-winning science writer Rebecca Skloot, The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, chronicling one of the most important medical discoveries in history and exploring how the unsung heroes behind the HeLa cell helped to forge our modern code of medical ethics. 




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Tate Hurvitz
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