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Who Is Rachel Carson?

Conservationist, marine biologist, nature writer, ecologist, and scholar—Rachel Carson (1907-1964) led a distinguished career and published a handful of books in her lifetime, but she'll be remembered as the inspirationally courageous author of Silent Spring, which dared to question the morality of our science and our responsibility as stewards of our environment.

Rachel CarsonSilent Spring, however, was not Carson's first publication. She completed the first of three comprehensive studies of marine biology, Under the Sea-Wind, in 1941. Then, while serving the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries in 1950, Carson completed The Sea Around Us, which garnered her a National Book Award; afterward, Carson earned her recognition as a legitimate nature writer and scholar and would complete her three-part marine biology study in 1955 with The Edge Of the Sea. Having established her financial security as a scholar and author, she then turned her attention to her long-held interest in conservation and natural resources.

After a close friend sent in a disparaging letter to the editors of The Boston Globe, indicting the government's aerial spraying of DDT over Long Island for the death of so many birds in her neighborhood, Carson became even more embroiled in the controversy of chemical pesticides and their environmental impact. The result was her groundbreaking Silent Spring, which inspired an unprecedented grassroots campaign to ban DDT from use in the United States.

Rachel Carson stamp collectionCarson was raised in a rural area of Pennsylvania, where she gained her love for wildlife and nature. Later, she studied at the Pennsylvania College for Women until graduating in 1929, and then at Johns Hopkins University. Before serving her post in 1936 at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Carson taught for five years at the University of Maryland. During this time, she composed and published her first book. Thereafter, her life's work and writing helped to forge a national consciousness about the environment and wildlife conservation. She is credited posthumously for influencing President Richard M. Nixon's formation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970, and for the rise of ecofeminism in the U.S.

Carson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1960 and, after being weakened by her treatment over the next four years, she suffered a fatal heart attack on April 14, 1964. That final year of her life, however, was a testament to her accomplishments as a writer and advocate. In January of 1963, the Animal Welfare Institute awarded Carson the Albert Schweitzer Award; three months later, CBS Reports aired its documentary, “The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson,” which overnight raised national consciousness about Carson's book and her cause. In June, she testified before the US Senate Subcommittee of Government Operations on the use of pesticides. In December, Carson was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters and received the National Audubon Society Medal.

Rachel Carson coinRachel Carson lived ahead of her time and died before her time; however, she continues to be memorialized in literature, art, music and, of course, environmental causes worldwide. Her likeness is honored on postage stamps in several countries, including the United States, the Marshall Islands, Palau, and Zambia, and she is commemorated in a silver coin issued by Societe Commemorative de Femmes Celebres. More importantly, though, Rachel Carson continues to be a voice in our national consciousness that reminds us about our spiritual relationship to the natural world, and makes us question our faith in institutions that would rob future generations of something so sacred:

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Always, Rachel Bedrock Lost Woods The Edge of the Sea
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