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What is Outcomes Assessment?

From Bresciani’s (2006) Outcomes Based Academic and Co-Curricular Program Review: A Compilation of Institutional Good Practices:

Bresciani (2006) defines outcomes based assessment in the following way:Book cover: Outcomes-Based Academic and Co-Curricular Program Review

In outcomes-based assessment, faculty and co-curricular professionals articulate what [a] program intends to accomplish in regards to its services, research, student learning, and faculty/staff development programs. The faculty and/or professionals then purposefully plan the program so that the intended results (i.e., outcomes) can be achieved, implement methods to systematically--over time--identify whether the end results have been achieved, and finally use the results to plan improvements or make recommendations for policy consideration, recruitment, retention, resource re-allocation, or new resource requests. This systematic process of evaluation is then repeated at a later date to see if the program improvements contribute to the intended outcomes. (p. 14)

Source: Bresciani, M.J. (2006). Outcomes-based academic and co-curricular program review. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

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