Program Addition

  1. Initiate communication through email between counterpart departments at Cuyamaca and other departments at Grossmont if content overlaps or courses are offered in another degree. Make sure to copy Marsha Raybourn and Julie Kahler in Instructional Operations as well as appropriate deans on this email. Email should include: Proposed program plus a brief overview of initial ideas and rationale for addition.

  2. Attach the proposed program curriculum (described on degree addition form, see step 3) to a Letter of Intent. Give the letter to Marsha Raybourn in Instructional Operations who will then send it to the related department at Cuyamaca who will then send it back to Marsha.

  3. Complete a Degree Addition Form. Attach the present and proposed program curriculum showing revisions and give to Marsha Raybourn in Instruction Operations (items 6-11 on the degree addition form speaks to this requirement.)

  4. Once your proposal is approved by the committee, you will need to provide additional information required by the state. Find information on this additional criteria in the Program and Course Approval Handbook on page 81 for local degrees and page 70 For ADT's.