Course Additions

  1. If you want to apply to have your course included in the General Education package, then make sure, in addition to the next few steps on this page, that you follow the instructions on General Education Applications.
  2. Initiate communication through email between counterpart departments at Cuyamaca and other departments at Grossmont if course content may overlap disciplines. Make sure to copy Marsha Raybourn and Julie Kahler in Instructional Operations as well as appropriate deans on this email. Email should include: Proposed Course Subject, Number and Title plus a brief overview of initial ideas and rationale for addition.
  3. If the course you wish to create is related to another course at Grossmont/Cuyamaca then follow the Related Courses modification instructions. If the course you wish to create is or will be aligned with a course at Cuyamaca, follow the Aligned Course Addition instructions. If there is no such related course, then proceed to step 4.
  4. Complete a Course Addition Form with the proposed Course Outline attached. Turn the form in to Marsha Raybourn in Instructional Operations.
  5. Content Review is REQUIRED if the course will need a Prerequisite, Corequisite, or Recommended Preparation.
  6. If you want to offer one or more sections of this course as either hybrid (51% online or more) or fully online, then you will need to comply with Distance Education requirements and complete the Distance Education Proposal form, which must receive approval from the Distance Education Committee prior to final proposal submission to the Curriculum Committee..
  7. SLOs need to be created for your course. Speak with your department chair and refer to the SLO Website for more information.