Content Review

Prerequisites or corequisites must be established for a course if the curriculum committee, with input from the discipline faculty, believes that students are unlikely to succeed without the skills and knowledge learned in the prerequisite course(s).

Content review, according to Title 5 55000(c),means a rigorous, systematic process developed in accordance with sections 53200 and 53204, approved by the Chancellor as part of the district matriculation plan required under section 55510, and that is conducted by faculty to identify the necessary and appropriate body of knowledge or skills students need to possess prior to enrolling in a course, or which students need to acquire through simultaneous enrollment in a corequisites course." The Academic Senate papers, Student Success: The Case for Establishing Prerequisites Through Content Review (2010), and Implementing Content Review for Communication and Computation Prerequisites (2011), provide guidance to faculty interested in improving local content review processes.

Below are the steps required to conduct content review.

  1. Download the appropriate forms; detailed instructions below.
    1. Entrance Skills Form
    2. Exit Skills Form
    3. Corequisite Form
  2. Exit Skills form:
    1. If exit skills for the prerequisite/recommended preparation course exist, obtain a copy located in the Instructional Operations Office. Go to step 3.
    2. If exit skills do not exist, notify the chair of the department where the prerequisite course is taught. The department chair must work with a group of faculty who teach this course and complete the Exit Skills form, including the identification of skills necessary for students to earn a "C" or "P" grade or higher. Exit skills are related to course objectives and SLO's.
    3. Prerequisite department must also complete the Exit Skills Signature Sheet.
    4. Obtain a copy of the completed Exit Skills form from the prerequisite department. Go to step 3.
  3. Entrance Skills form:
    1. Complete items 1-7.
    2. To complete item #8, work with a group of faculty who teach the course and identify critical knowledge and skills necessary for students to have entering the course. Use the course syllabus, course outline, textbooks, tests, and class assignments to identify these skills. Approximately five to seven entrance skills should be listed under Entrance Competencies (right side of table).
    3. On the left side of the table, match exit skills from the prerequisite course with the Entrance Competencies for the course under review.
    4. Make sure to complete the Entrance Skills Signature Sheet; including signature of chair/coordinator, dean, and all members participating in identification of entrance skills.
  4. Submit all content review forms with your curriculum proposal to Marsha Raybourn in Instructional Operations.