Course Addition - Aligned Course Exists

  1. IF the department at Cuyamaca currently offers the course or would like to add the course, then an Alignment Form with the proposed course outline attached should be given to Marsha Raybourn in Instructional Operations who will then send it to the related department at Cuyamaca who will then send it back to Marsha.
  2. Complete a Course Addition form with the proposed course outline attached.
  3. Content review is REQUIRED if the course will need a prerequisite, corequisite, or recommended preparation.
  4. If you want to offer one or more sections of this course as either hybrid (51% online or more) or fully online, then you will need to comply with Distance Education requirements and complete the Distance Education Proposal form, which must receive approval from the Distance Education Committee prior to final proposal submission to the Curriculum Committee.
  5. SLOs need to be created for your course. Speak with your department chair and refer to the SLO Website for more information.