Student Services Program Review


Student Services Program Review Calendar: Student Services Program Review has completed the 2017-2019 cycle as of June 2019. The process, template, and handbook will be reviewed and updated during the 2019-2020 academic year in preparation for the next 6-year review cycle.


Meetings: 1st and 4th Thursdays from 10:00am-11:30am in the College Conference Room. 



  • Marsha Gable: Vice President, Student Services 
  • Natalie Ray (Chair): Counselor - General Counseling, 
  • Aaron Starck: Dean - Admissions & Records and Financial Aid
  • Barbara Gallego: Supervisor - Financial Aid
  • Christine Ho: Counselor - A.R.C.
  • Carl Fielden: Instructor - English, Counselor - A.R.C.
  • Veronica Romero: Supervisor - General Counseling
  • Maria De La Cruz: Program Specialist - EOPS
  • Alexis Lytle: Grad Coach
  • Shardai Zaragoza: Grad Coach
  • Graylin Clavell: Administrative Assistant to the VPSS, Recorder for SSPRC

Resource/Advisory Members

  • Catherine Webb: CPIE Dean
  • Joan Ahrens: SLO Consulting Dean
  • Felicia Kalker: SLO Coordinator
  • Bonnie Ripley: Data Liaison
  • Rochelle Weiser: Professional Development


Purpose: Collaborative peer review of all Grossmont College Student Services, intended to support programs and departments in their efforts to identify and respond to the needs of students and the campus. 

Values: Peer reviewers make a commitment to integrity, professionalism, efficient use of time and resources, positive feedback, and honest critique.

SSPR Outcomes: 

  • Programs will reflect on and document their history, services, members, goals, outcomes, campus partnerships, and needs.
  • Programs will receive feedback in the form of Commendations and Recommendations to identify areas of strength and growth.
  • The SSPR process will contribute to campus planning and resource allocation decisions.


Program Review Documents - 2017-2019 Cycle